Well they do for me! I have had very good success with my jigs. I cannot promise that they will catch fish for you, however, they should and more than likely will!
Typically jigs are floated under a bobber or float. You will want to be approximately a foot or more off of the bottom. The lighter the float, the more success you will have. When the float goes down, you set the hook. Then enjoy your catch!
I like the lightness of them and how they freely float in the water. I have great success with the jigs I make and decided at this time, i do not want to try other materials.
Jigs are made at the time your payment is received. I usually need 3-5 days to complete a normal order. If you are making a large order, I will require more time. I will let you know how long it will take via email. Once the order is completed and shipped, USPS usually takes 2-6 days to deliver your package.