Terms of Service

Term 1: Use my jigs to catch fish!
Term 2: Please send pictures of your catches!

-Ok, now for the real stuff.
** I do not maintain a stock of pre-made jigs. Each order is made at the time payment is received and cleared. Therefore, I may need a few days to put it together and complete. This all depends on my availability with my real job and family. I can usually turn-around a small order within 3-5 days. Larger order will take me more time to complete. If I cannot meet the 3-5 days expectation, I will notify you of how long I think it will take to complete your order.

** I powered paint all of the jig heads and cure for extra hardness and durability. However, this does not mean the paint will last forever. Jigs take a lot of abuse. If they are bouncing the bottom or constantly getting bounced on rocks or other hard materials, the paint will start to chip. This cannot be helped. Steelhead are also very rough on the jigs and tend to gradually wear off the paint.

** Marabou feathers are very fine. When removing hooks from fish, if a pair of pliers is required, take care to not grab the feathers with the hook. Grabbing the feathers will reduce the life of the jig.

** If a return is required, please contact me first to discuss the issues. If you proceed with a return, the amount paid for shipping the product to you is not refunded. Also, the cost to return the product back to me will not be reimbursed. The product must not have been used and must be in the packaging sent to you.